Transactional Analysis

A model of psychotherapy used for understanding human development and facilitating change.

About Transactional Analysis


Transactional Analysis (TA) is a model of psychotherapy used for understanding human development and facilitating change to life patterns by facilitating client specific therapeutic interventions.TA provides a stimulating and engaging framework to understand how we have developed into who we are and how we relate and communicate with others.

TA offers explanations as to how we continue to repeat patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling; that may be self-defeating and painful. TA’s concept of ‘life-script’ explains how we can continue to re-play childhood strategies in life today and this can limit an individual’s potential.

Once we become aware of our self-defeating patterns and self-limiting beliefs they become available to change. This is achieved by working together contractually to achieve the desired therapeutic goals. TA is used with individuals, couples and groups and is effective with a wide range of therapeutic issues.

Fundamentally, transactional analysis is a humanistic approach firmly grounded in the principles of equality, mutual respect and the belief that everyone has intrinsic value as a human being. Therefore, have the potential to make a valid contribution to both their life and the lives of others.

By gaining awareness, intimacy and spontaneity along with changing out dated and often dysfunctional decisions, we can be empowered to develop positive decisions. Therefore new healthy life patterns, personal growth and self-development will emerge, which will in turn enable us to reach autonomy.





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